Whether it is weight loss or weight gain, we can help you. All our Weight Change Paradigm Therapists have been trained personally by it’s creator and all are at the very least, Certified Master Practitioners of NLP, once again, trained by the Master Trainer who created the Weight Change Paradigm.

Weight Loss Therapists


stephanie lai nlp trainer weight lossStephanie Lai – NLP Trainer Malaysia & Asia

  • Certified Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis
  • Certified Master NLP Coach
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Stephanie is known for her passion and her ability to motivate people to work within themselves and bring forth changes. She believes that anything is possible with the correct mindset. Her objective is to help you redefine YOU and both inside and out.

Stephanie had her fair share of challenges with weight and owned a good number of extra-large t-shirts after having her second baby. She had tried numerous ways to shed the pounds, but somehow the weight kept coming back. The struggle was never-ending.

And then, she discovered that it is really not just about eating less and exercising more – she did all that!  Losing weight (really losing it, not just temporarily) starts from inside of you. Once you understood WHY YOU DESERVE to have the body you want, then we can get to the root cause – the real reason – of your weight problem.

Once your root cause is found, there is SOLUTION to fix it. In 2 days, Stephanie will work with you to release all the problems that are holding your weight. In a short time, you will feel really good about yourself. Your weight will drop at a safe rate before stabilizing at a healthy level. Losing weight can be easy, without the struggles and chemicals in your body.

What if you gave yourself one more chance? What if you have finally found THE solution that could solve your weight problem once and for all? What if you became fitter and had the stamina to play with your kids or do things that you have always wanted to do? How would you feel then?



patricia liaw weight loss coachPatricia Liaw – NLP Master Practitioner Malaysia & Asia

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Certified Master NLP Coach

Patricia’s passion lies in developing herself and of course, people.  Her motivation is helping people bring out their best because she believes that there is so much more in a person than they know.  And she strongly believes that making a change should be fun – so, don’t worry about crying your eyes out.

Patricia loves to travel.  Her previous work in corporate had allowed her to traverse through different parts of the world and different cultures which enriched her experience in life.

In 2010, Patricia decided to dedicate her time and effort in the field of personal development. Hence, she embarked on the NLP journey, using NLP, both on herself and to help people become better

She is also an ICF Certified Professional Coach. Well, most importantly she learnt her NLP from the best and is certain that she can be there with you to become the best new YOU!  Are you ready for the NEW YOU? ONLY IF YOU DECIDE TO ACT NOW! Give me a call if you are interested in weight loss or weight gain.


dani teo nlp coach weight lossDani Teo – NLP Master Practitioner Malaysia & Asia

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Certified Master NLP Coach

“I trust Dani to get the job done. He is a matured therapist with excellent instincts” – S. Y. Phuah/Kuala Lumpur

“My sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to Dani for his focus and passion in ensuring that I achieved mind blowing results. Thank You!” –  A.Lim/Kuala Lumpur

Life has took a positive turn after I graduated from my NLP Master Practitioner certification course and, as a result, it feels amazing that I am seeing everything in a brand new angle. One of which is my perspective towards results.

My new believe about results has been motivating me to do better, for myself and for my clients. It drives me to think how can I make it better for my client’s and what else is possible to work on with my client for better results.

This, has also made me realized and celebrate all the achievement, big or small that comes along the way as I celebrate and sharing this exciting journey called growth and invite everyone with open arms to explore what is possible for them and disembark on the quest of discovery and change that leads to endless possibilities.

I so enjoy helping people with weight loss, or weight gain, therefore helping them transform themselves.


weight loss therapistVithya L Kuhan – NLP Master Practitioner Malaysia & Asia 

  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Certified Master NLP Coach

I hated the reflection staring back at me when I looked in the mirror.

It affected my LIFE in every way. Over and over again, weight loss was my ultimate goal beyond work and relationship goals.

Consequently, for over 3 decades, I tried dieting or should I say the starvation, exercises, joining the gym, slimming creams, slimming pills, slimming centres etc. You name it.  I tried it all. It only destroyed my health at the end.

Then it happened. I was introduced to the change. From weighing 120kgs I am at 78kgs as we speak therefore it has led to my happiness today. I found many things I was looking for through this shift, a brilliant new journey.

How long have you wanted your PERFECT body? All of us have used one reason or other to blame for why we look the way we do.

Consequently, STOP! No more excuses. YOU CAN LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT TO. Whether it is weight loss or gain, it’s a matter of letting me help you to be your PERFECTLY SHAPED YOU… The YOU you have always wanted to be … you can imagine it, can’t you. Perhaps, this is a start to your New Chapter, the second chance you have always wanted.

Hence CALL ME today and Let’s do this.


Tash Freeborn Coach weight loss coachTash Freeborn – NLP Trainer – UK and USA

  • Certified Trainer of NLP.
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy.
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis.
  • Certified Master NLP Coach.
  • Author of ‘Break the Chains‘.

Tash Freeborn is a certified trainer of NLP and hypnosis. In addition she works one on one with clients who are looking to finally break free of their weight problem. She splits her time between clients in the US and the UK, and offers two day intensive sessions for people who are finally ready to have the body they’ve dreamed of for so long.

Having previously had her own struggles with weight, Tash understands how the way you feel about your body changes the way you feel about life. She loves to help people out of their weight cycles and the unhappiness they cause, and get them on the road to looking and feeling amazing.

No more diets that don’t last. Comfort eating.will be a thing of the past. Gone is the need for guilt because of your food and your body. The “I want to lose weight but I just can’t stop myself eating chocolate” will stop. Tash knows how that used to feel, but she also knows how to change it. There IS a solution to the miserable cycle of eating food, feeling bad, gaining weight, and doing it over and over again.

During a two day retreat, Tash utilises techniques that allow you to get to the root of the real reason why you have problems with your weight, which have held you back all this time. Once the problems are resolved and released, you can start your new life feeling absolutely amazing about yourself, and it can be easy. Weight loss is easy if you know how and maybe you are ready.

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