Weight Change

Weight Change

The Weight Change Paradigm™

The Weight Change Paradigm is a unique approach to losing those extra, unwanted kgs.

As we know the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that doesn’t work!

A few years ago a Master Trainer of NLP in the UK developed something called the weight change paradigm which is a process utilising advanced NLP and Time Line Therapy™ skills to find and eliminate the root cause of the weight problem.

He had experimented with a variety of approaches to understand why people had problems with their body mass. Either they were too heavy or too light. He was curious that diets did not work. It appeared that they were not sustainable. He was also less than enamoured with the amount of supplements that people were buying. They appeared to have no knowledge of what they contained. Some of the contents of certain supplements had proved to be harmful.


What his research told him that there was a theme that run across all people with body mass problems and the theme was a common ‘problem’ with their thinking.

Essentially he found that weight issues were just the behaviour. It was the resulting problem from certain types of emotional issues, thinking and beliefs. By addressing those issues in a targeted way, using Time Line Therapy™ and NLP, then he could help the client change their thinking and the extra kgs disappeared without dieting.

In clients where the issue was that they were too light change took place too. They gained kgs in a safe manner to attain a ‘normal’ weight.

The process takes about 2 days of working with the client to achieve the mind-set that will support their change. The interesting thing is that after experiencing the paradigm people lose those extra kgs at a very safe rate and it is totally sustainable.

In conclusion,the beauty of using NLP and Time Line Therapy with weight issues is that we are aiming to fix the root cause. In other words, why the body mass increased in the first place. The fat is essentially the behaviour that is a result of the problem. Conventional diets/supplements/hypnotic-gastric bands are aimed at dealing with the behaviour leaving the problem that drives the weight still intact and ready to come back!

The Weight Change Paradigm is ONLY licensed to RAW NLP and RAW Weight International in Asia. We therefore are proud to be the only company who has been given permission, by the creator, to offer a website with full details of the programme.

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Example of the Weight Change Paradigm by its creator

Let me give you an example. She was a size 16/18 and thought she should be a size 10/12.

Her life history was interesting. When she was in her early 20s she was a size 8.  She then got into an abusive relationship which lasted a couple of years. After this relationship she put on a lot of weight and there it stayed for 15 years. She had tried every kind of diet, pills, supplements and exercise regimes. Nothing had managed to help her shift the weight on a sustainable basis.

What transpired during the process was really interesting. Her unconscious mind (the super computer that runs the body) had decided that  “if that’s what relationships are like, then I don’t want another one so let’s put on loads of weight to make me unattractive!”.


She felt VERY happy about herself once that decision was cleared, along with the collateral damage within her values and values level thinking. The kgs dropped off. She didn’t change her diet (she always had eaten healthily anyway, and she didn’t ramp up the exercise. She was just happy!

One of the big things that we find when working with body mass problems is that the client has often double-binded themselves. They say I can’t be happy until I am 55 kg and, I can’t be 55 kg because I am not happy. No win situation!

In conclusion what I have found is that the root cause for the weight can be virtually anything.

Contrary to popular opiniont it is often not related to their health and fitness. It can be a problem in their career, their relationships, their family. It seems that people install a weight issue from all sorts of areas. This makes the top level problem sometimes a little tricky to find (with conventional methods.)