About RAW Weight

About RAW Weight

RAW Weight International

Thank you for dropping by to find out more about RAW Weight International the weight change specialist in Asia.

Having gone through some weight struggles after having my second child in 1995 and more so, after my divorce in 2005. I had signed up for a couple of renowned weight management programs in the Malaysia, however, the results were not lasting.  I tried supplements.  Diet plans. Body wrap methods.  I even had a professional personal trainer!  Have you heard of the yo-yo effect?  Well, I went through that!  And the worst part of it is the Plateau – where you put in a whole of effort, and numbers on the weighing scale just refused to budge!

I became curious and did a lot of reading about nutrition, exercise and well-being maintenance.  That’s when the lightbulb moment came!  You won’t lose (or gain) any weight unless you makeover your mind first.  Mind over body.  Now, that is interesting!

What if I did just that, change the way I think?  What if I worked from inside out?

But there was ONE PROBLEM! I didn’t know how! 

I went through loads of personal development trainings, took up yoga, started meditation…. slowly but surely, I noticed that my eating habits began to change almost effortlessly and my weight started to move down.  It took almost 4 months for my weight to drop to my ideal weight, from 74 kg to 59.5 kg.  It has been 7 years now and my weight is still maintaining at 59.5 kg, sometimes 60 kg.  I am ok with 500g difference.


I don’t how it works. I have turned away many people who had come me to assist them with their weight but I didn’t have a structure to help them then… not until last year, when I embark on my NLP journey….



RAW Weight International is a subsidiary of RAW NLP International and is the ONLY company licensed in Asia to use the well-acknowledged, Weight Change Paradigm™ to assist clients change their body weight by changing the way they think.

RAW Weight International licensed therapists are Master Practitioners of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM & Hypnosis.  My team of Weight Change Paradigm coaches were personally trained by the creator of the Weight Change ParadigmTM from UK.

The Weight Change Paradigm is new to Asia although it has been being used for 8 years in the UK very successfully.

Weight Change Paradigm works equally as well with people who are trying to gain weight, as it does with people who are trying to lose weight.

We fully accept that by the time people come to us they will have tried dieting, and found that it didn’t work, will probably have bought a lot of expensive supplements with little result and perhaps have even invested in weight management programs with no long term effects. So, we understand that we are your last resort when it comes to either losing or gaining weight.

However, the good news for you is that the Weight Change Paradigm is so effective that you will probably wish you had come to us first.

Ask yourself, what is gaining your perfect shape/weight worth to you?  Not only in money, but how would you feel?

We very much look forward to the opportunity of working with you in re-creating YOU.

About RAW NLP International

RAW NLP International is the premier provider of NLP Training in Asia. We run an intensive schedule of NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner. We also is the host for the well-known International NLP Trainers Training.

In addition to NLP, RAW NLP International also teaches Time Line Therapy at Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. Plus we teach Hypnosis at Practitioner and Master Practitioner. And we teach NLP Coaching and Master NLP Coach!

The vision of RAW NLP International’s founder, Stephanie Lai, was to create an NLP Training company dedicated to delivering the highest standards of NLP training and coaching in Asia.

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