Why Lose Weight?

Why Lose Weight?

So, why lose weight? It is a question that often gets avoided by people who are carrying excess weight. Furthermore , it is a question whose answer needs to be spelt out. There is no avoiding the evidence.

So here are some reasons why you need to lose that weight.

  • If you lose weight you reduce Cancer Risk.  Did you know that women who are overweight have a 400% increased chance of endometrial cancer and also have an increased risk of breast cancer. Both types of cancer are linked to the estrogen produced by body fat . This is according to a study done at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Centre.
  • If you lose weight you reduce the Risk of Dementia . It seems that the hormones produced by abdominal fat from large bellies apparently increase your risk of dementia by 260%.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack. The larger you are the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack. A study done by The American College of Cardiology is especially relevant.  It says that obese people are likely to suffer a heart attack earlier in life – about 12 years earlier than normal. They also added that obese people are more likely to have higher cholesterol and diabetes..
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of depression. There is a link between depression and obesity. A recent study showed that you are 4 times more likely to suffer depression if you have a high body mass index. 4600 women, aged between 40 and 65 were included in the study.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of mood swings. Another study showed that obese people were 25% more likely to suffer from mood swing disorders.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of incontinence. Did you know that obese women are 200% more likely to develop problems with their pelvic floor leading to incontinence according to the National Institutes of Health’s Pelvic Floor Disorders Network.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of renal failure. In a recent study Swedish researchers noted that people who are overweight increase their chances of renal failure by 300%.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of diabetes. Obese people are 80 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes according to the global Diabetes Community.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of asthma. Recently a study performed by the National Jewish Health in Denver said that the medications available for asthma were 40% less effective with obese people.
  • If you lose weight you Reduce the risk of arthritis. Cases in the USA of arthritis attributed to obesity rose 600% in 10 years according to researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston.

In conclusion it is seriously bad for your health and emotional well being as a result of carrying too much weight.

What would happen if you did lose weight?

How would you like to hold your head up high. To walk down the street feeling good. To have your friends and family look at you with admiration? It is almost certain that all that would feel great.

Most of all, and more than all of the above it is 100% certain that when you achieve the shape you want,  you will increase your personal happiness and well-being.

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